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Located in China, Honor Chemicals China Company Ltd. is a chemical products supplier to customers all over the world. Through the diligence of our Pigment Department and our Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, we are able to provide superior products that include our organic pigment, inorganic pigment, fluorescent pigment, dye, fluorescent brightener, and active pharmaceutical intermediate, among others. Our pigments are ideal for use in paints, plastics, and inks, as well as other practical uses.

We at Honor Chemicals have an advanced laboratory and testing techniques. This, coupled with our staff of technicians with over ten years experience in this industry, enables us to ensure the quality of the organic pigment and active pharmaceutical intermediate products delivered to our customers. Meanwhile, we have an excellent supplier management system, which enables us to track the record of each of our suppliers. Therefore, we utilize only those suppliers who can deliver superior quality and cost-effective materials to us in a timely manner. This attentiveness to detail enables us to offer high quality and reasonably priced products quickly and efficiently to our customers. We also pay close attention to our customers' feedback, so that we can make appropriate changes where needed to achieve complete satisfaction.

At Honor, we focus on customer service, product quality, and price. Our customers can feel secure in placing orders from us. If there is any problem with our product or service, we will make every effort to resolve it. It is our honor to do business with you. We sincerely welcome worldwide customers to try our organic pigment, API, inorganic pigment, and other exceptional products.

Main Products
  • Pigment Yellow 150 Color Index : Pigment Yellow 150
    C.I.NO. : 12764
    Chemical Formula : C8H6N6O6Ni
    CAS NO. : 68511-62-6
  • Pigment Yellow 83 Color Index : Pigment Yellow 83
    C.I.NO. : 21108
    Chemical Formula : C36H32Cl4N6O8
    CAS NO. : 5567-15-7