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Main Composition: Distyryl biphenyl

Technical Specifications
Appearance: Light kelly powder
M.P.: 219~221℃
Chromatic light: Similar to standard sample
Volatile: ≤0.5%
Purity: ≥98%
Fineness: Over 300 meshes

Properties and Features
1. The FP (127) fluorescent brightener is soluble in organic solvents, and the maximum absorption value is 368nm, while the maximum emission wavelength: is 436nm.
2. It has good compatibility with PVC and polystyrene.
3. High whiteness, good chromatic light, good heat and weathering resistance.

Range of Application
1. The FP (127) fluorescent brightener is suitable for the whitening of PVC and polystyrene
2. It is also used for the whitening of other thermoplastic plastics, printing ink and synthetic fiber.

Packing and Storage
(5kg×1) (25kg×1) carton, fiber drum.
Stored in dry place, and avoid light.

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