Manganese Ferrite Black Inorganic Pigment

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Technical Data Sheet
Chemical Composition
Color Index Pigment Black 26
C.I.NO. 77494
Crystal type: Spinel
Physical Properties
Physical Form Black Powder
Heat Resistance(℃) 1000
Mean Particle size (um) 1.0 max
PH Value 7.5
Oil Absorption(ml/100g) 18
Fastness Properties
Dispersibility Excellent
Light Fastness 8
Weather Resistance 5
Acid Resistance 5
Alkali Resistance 5
Alcohol Resistance 5
Ester Resistance 5
Benzene Resistance 5
Performance Characteristics Applications
Excellent heat resistance
Easy to disperse
Excellent Chemical resistance
Excellent light fastness and outdoor durability
Excellent hiding power
Excellent tinting strength
Well-suited for major solid and flexible PVC
Siliconized paints
Solid plastics for outside manufacturing
Solar collecting cells
High-performance industrial coating
Gas grills
Powder coating
High-temperature resistance paints
Traffic paints manufacturing
Outside architectural coating
Automobile paints  

Light Fastness 8 = Excellent
Resistance 5= Excellent

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