Bismuth Vanadate Yellow Inorganic Pigment

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Technical Data Sheet
Chemical Composition
Color Index Pigment Yellow 184
C.I.NO. 771740
Crystal type: powder
Physical Properties
Physical Form Yellow Powder
Heat Resistance(℃) 200
Density g/cm3 5.9
PH Value 7.0
Oil Absorption(ml/100g) 26
Fastness Properties
Dispersibility Excellent
Light Fastness 8
Weather Resistance 5
Acid Resistance 5
Alkali Resistance 5
Alcohol Resistance 5
Ester Resistance 5
Benzene Resistance 5
Performance Characteristics Applications
Bright shade
Good resistance to solvent
Good resistance to acide and alkalis
Excellent light fastness
Excellent weather fastness
Automotive coatings
Powder Coatings
Construction coatings
Coil coatings

Light Fastness 8 = Excellent
Resistance 5= Excellent

As a specialized bismuth vanadate yellow inorganic pigment supplier based in China, at Honor Chemicals we also offer solvent dye, yellow fluorescent brightener, fluorescent pigment, and blue pigment, among others.

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